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This is a PATTERN not a finished item. Do not purchase if you don’t know what a pattern is.

Digital items are non refundable.


With this as well as with all my patterns: The pattern itself is for the purchaser ONLY.
Do not share the pattern or included pictures.
Do not change portions of it and resell the pattern or make instructional videos.
Feel free to sell the finished product as long as my pictures aren’t being used. Mass production is not allowed.


Pattern includes: 2 Options: PillowPop with and without Pole


Pattern is rated: Intermediate


It is in English & written in US terms. It has been fully tested. 



Option 1: Without pole. (Approx. 17” tall)

Option 2: With pole. (Approx. 35” tall)


Things you will need
• Hook: 8mm
• Hook: 5.5mm

• Scissors 
• Yarn or tapestry needle 
• Stitch markers 

• Stuffing
• Sewing pins 

* With Pole: 6.5mm hook, pipe insulation for ½” pipe 34” long, hot glue.

* Optional: ½” PEX-B pipe 33” long, color doesn’t matter. If wanted, you can insert into the pipe insulation so it can stand upright, but is still flexible (is safer than a wooden dowel).


  • With Pole: Super Bulky (6), Carrot Orange, Bernat Blanket Brights, 290yds.
  • With Pole: Super Bulky (6), Coal (Black), Bernat Blanket, 40yds.
  • Mouth & Eyes: Worsted Weight(4), Black, Crafters Secret, 40yds.
  • Without Pole: Super Bulky (6), Carrot Orange, Bernat Blanket Brights, 275yds.

Twisted PillowPop Pattern

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