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This is a PATTERN not a finished item. Do not purchase if you don’t know what a pattern is. Digital items are non refundable.


With this as well as with all my patterns: The pattern itself is for the purchaser ONLY.
Do not share the pattern or included pictures.
Do not change portions of it and resell the pattern or make instructional videos.
Feel free to sell the finished product as long as my pictures aren’t being used. Mass production is not allowed.


Pattern is rated: Intermediate


Gauge for Pattern: 

Double stranded with H (5mm) hook 7 hdc 4 rows =2”


Things you will need:


This pattern includes 3 different styles
Wide brim, heavy ruffle. 
Wide brim, light ruffle. 
Bonus Shorter brim, light ruffle with child mod option.


Size is Adult/Teen. 21.5” & child 20”. It can be made smaller or larger by using a different size hook.


It is in English & written in US terms. It has been fully tested. 
Rated Intermediate.


Things you will need: Yes this is the full yardage when it is held double strand.
• Hook: H (5mm) 
• Hook: F (3.75mm) 
• Scissors 
• Yarn or tapestry needle 
• Stitch markers 
• Sewing pins 
• Stuffing for spots 
• 16 Gauge Galvanized wire 66” (I get mine at Home Depot) 
• Wire Cutter/needle nose pliers 
• Small amount of duct or masking tape 
Optional: Styrofoam head (very useful when sewing pieces on).


The 5 weight yarn can be substituted for a thick sturdy 4 weight, like Caron One pound, RHSS or Crafters secret.

  • Outer Hat: Worsted Weight(4), White, Crafters Secret, 330-245yds.
  • Outer Hat: Bulky Weight(5), White, Bernat Velvet, 330-245yds.
  • Under Hat: Worsted Weight(4), Cherry Red, Red Heart Super Saver, 775yds.
  • Spots: Bulky Weight(5), Red, Bernat Velvet, 60yds.
  • Spots: Bulky Weight(5), Ruby, Retro Velvet, 50yds.

Twisted Bleeding Tooth Pattern

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