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This is a PATTERN (a digital download) NOT A FINISHED ITEM




With this as well as with all my patterns: The pattern is for the purchaser ONLY! Please do not share this pattern, change portions of this pattern & call it your own, or make “instructional” videos of my pattern.
You may of course sell the finished item, as long as my pictures aren’t being used. Mass production is not allowed.


Rated Intermediate: If you are just learning to crochet & want to try your hand at this that is fine, but please keep in mind that I am unable to walk people through the pattern.


WARNING: This pattern is done double strand with a 4mm hook. If you have any issues with your hands this is probably not a good pattern for them.


Some of the stitches you will need to know for this pattern: Front Post, Back Post, Dc. You also need to be able to identify on your own if your work is inside out.


This Saber is NOT child safe as there is a PVC pipe inside. If you choose to make one for yours, do so at your own risk lol!


The pattern is in English & written in US terms


Finished Saber measures at around 6ft 2”


Yes the full yardage is calculated in. It’s made using 2 strands.


Things you will need:
Handle: Red Heart Super Saver, Charcoal Black=220yds
Blade: Red Heart Super Saver, Burgundy=90yds
Blade: Red Heart Super Saver, Cherry Red=220yds
Blade: Caron One Pound, Scarlet=125yds
Blade: Craftsmart, Neon Orange=25yds


Hook: 4mm G hook (4mm)
Hook: 4mm C hook (2.75mm)
• Two 1/2” PVC pipes. Length: 3ft each
• Two 1/2” end caps for the PVC pipe
• Straight Connector for 1/2” PVC pipe
• Scissors
• Yarn or tapestry needle
• Stuffing
• Stitch marker
• Super glue
• Optional: Fabric paint (I use Fabric Creations soft fabric ink, it can be found in most craft stores) & a

The Twisted Saber Double Trouble Pattern

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