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This is a Pattern aka a digital download not a finished item please do not purchase if you don’t know what a pattern is. Digital items are non refundable.


Because everyone needs a Bunny Hood in their life :smile:


With this as well as with all my patterns: The pattern itself is for the purchaser ONLY. Please do not share the pattern or included pictures. Please do not change portions of it and resell the pattern.
Feel free to sell the finished product.


Pattern is rated: Experienced Beginner
The Entire Hood is worked double stranded
Gauge for Hood: Double stranded with M (9mm) hook 7 hdc =3”, 4 BLO rows = 2 3/4”.


Hood Size: Adult/Teen. When folded in half the hood is 12 1⁄2“ wide & 14 1⁄2” long before front slant
I made the Adult hood a bit lager then the Luna Rae one. I’m a bit Pettit & my head is on the smaller side so I tried to make this one a bit larger for people with a lot of hair or a larger head.


Hood Size: Child. When folded in half the hood is 10 1⁄2“ wide & 12 1⁄2” long before front slant.


Materials you will need:
The yarn needs to be the same thickness as Caron One Pound or Red Heart Super Saver. I’m using Caron One Pound because it’s a “sturdy” yarn and holds the shape well. Red Heart Super Saver is also good. I don’t suggest using I Love This Yarn because it doesn’t hold the shape well.
Hood & Outer Ears:Worsted Weight(4), Caron One Pound, Lilac=530-420
Inner Ears:Worsted Weight(4), Caron One Pound, Soft Pink=85
Outer Eyes:Worsted Weight(4), Caron One Pound, Pink=45
Inner Eyes:Worsted Weight(4), Caron One Pound, Black=8
Nose & Hood Trim:Worsted Weight(4), Red Heart Super Saver, Amethyst=100-85


• M hook (9mm)
• L hook (8mm)
• H hook (5mm)
• G hook (4mm)
• Scissors
• Yarn or tapestry needle
• Stuffing for nose
• Optional: Styrofoam head (it’s helpful when sewing pieces on), Strand of white for dot in eye+ White Fabric pencil & Embroidery Needle: optional if embroidering dot in eye.

The Twisted Bunny Pattern

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