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This is a Pattern aka a digital download not a finished item please do not purchase if you don’t know what a pattern is. Digital items are non refundable.


Warning: This pattern is not for the faint of heart, the stitches themselves are pretty basic BUT.. the sewing can be tedious and needs to be exact (which is why I’m rating it advanced). The dreads are fairly simple but can take about 16 hours (I’m not trying to scare anyone away from making it, but I feel like I should warn you ahead of time).


The body harness is a prop, it’s not included in the pattern
This pattern is: Advanced
The pattern includes sts such as: Tr, dc & working in BLO/FLO
The pattern includes photos for assistance (mainly for sewing pieces on).


With this as well as with all my patterns: The pattern itself is for the purchaser ONLY. Please do not share the pattern or included pictures. Pretty please do not change portions of it and resell the pattern.


Mask: One size about 22”
Partial breakdown of Materials you will need:


I highly recommend sticking with Caron One Pound for the Main Color, Red Heart Super Saver may also be okay but I don’t suggest using any soft yarn for it because it won’t hold the shape well.


Main color of mask: Med(4) Caron One Pound= 570 yds
Back portion of mask & Dreads: Med(4) Studio Classic By N (needs to be 100% acrylic)= 1,055 yds
Inner mouth: Med(4)= 20 Yds
Pink portion of mouth: Med(4)= 27 yds
Teeth: Med(4)= 15 yds
Ruffle: Med(4)=106 yds
Dread Jewelry: Med(4)=32 yds

K hook (6.50mm)
F hook (3.75mm)
N hook (10mm)
Stuffing, stitch markers, yarn needle, measuring tape
Buttons 1”= 2
Grapefruit & Black fabric ink/paint (or colors of choice), paintbrush. Optional: glow in the dark & glitter paint.
Lighter or some fire source

Preya Mask Pattern

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